The Revenge

                                     The Revenge

Knickerbocker: (holding the crumpled wool hat) Others suspected that perhaps Brom Bones knew much more of this matter than he chose to tell.
Narrator: As time went on, this once true story became a legend. Some people guess on what really happened to Ichabod. No one will really know what happened, until now. That faithful night in Sleepy Hollow, when Ichabod was said to be killed, he really was set afloat the river, was awoken by jewels and riches, mastered sorcery, and befriended the real Headless Horseman. Together Ichabod and the Headless Horsemen seek revenge on the imposter and Sleepy Hollow.
Ichabod: We must wait ’till the witching hour to go out. (Mumbling) Finlly after 10 years I will get my revenge.
Narrator: As the two rode upon their horses that night, Ichabod saw Katrina, Brom and their two year twins, Edwin and Victor, playing together in their hut. Ichabod quickly wiped away the tears streaming down his face.
Ichabod: Now you stay here, I’ll show up at the hut, tell Katrina I’m alive and you’re coming. Then I’ll yell your name, horridly. You’ll come, burn down the town and we will leave with Katrina and the twins. Ready? Ok.
Narrator: Ichabod strolled up to the hut and knocked on the door.
Brom: I’ll get it sweetheart, put Edwin and Victor to bed. (opens door) Hel-I-Ichabod! I thought Katrina and I killed you years ago, I-I mean the Headless Horseman.
Brom:Oh don’t act so stupid. Her choosing you as her voice teacher, for heavens sake man you can’t even sing. Then when you asked her to dance, we knew we had you wrapped around our finger. So when you headed off that night to the Old Church Bridge, I quickly changed into my costume and took a shortcut. When I threw my flaming pumpkin at you,I knew,oh I knew I would never see you again.
Ichabod: But why? Why did Katrina want me gone?
Brom: Remember that young maiden you were engaged to many years ago? That was Katrina’s sister, Elizebeth. Now she wants revenge.
Ichabod: So you decided to murder me?!
Brom: Well, you did hurt Elizabeth, so we wanted to hurt you. Anyway, what are you doing here?                                                     Ichabod: What? Oh, right.(screaming at the top of his lungs) OH MY HEAVENS! IT’S THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN!

Brom: What?! Katrina grab the kids, we have to go. NOW!
Katrina: Why? I just got the… H-H-HEADLESS HORSEMAN!
(Katrina grabs the kids and starts running)
Ichabod: Katrina, I don’t think you’ll get to far carrying the kids. Here let me take them and I’ll follow behind.
Katrina: Ichabod, what are you doing here?
Ichabod: Long story, but we have no time. We have to go now.
Katrina: O-ok (hands the kids to Ichabod)
Ichabod: Thanks. (Gets on horse on starts going away)
Katrina: What! BROM! HELP! HELP!
Narrator: Katrina yelled but nobody came. So she ran after Ichabod herself, but she was to slow. Ichabod was on his horse and Katrina was in her night gown and bare feet.
Katrina: (thinking) Where are my babies? Where am I? (Speaking) Brom. Brom?
Narrator: While Katrina was lost in the woods going mad, Ichabod was raising Edwin and Victor. Ichabod eventually met Lydia. They got married and had another child, Susanna. Together all of them lived in a hut deep in the forest. As for Brom he spent the rest of his days searching for Katrina, but he eventually starved himself. And Katrina, well she went completely insane. But on October sixth that all changed.
Katrina: (thinking) Ha. Ha. Edwin… Victor… Brom. Ha. Ha. Ha. (speaking) Who are you? (Says to Edwin, who is now 14 years old)                                                                                                              Edwin: I’m Edwin.                                                                                         Katrina: Edwin?!                                                                                                                 (Ichabod walks outside)


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  1. Your story was ok it needs work. The speaking and how you wrote it as a play doesn’t make sense. You also have a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. It also seems rushed, overall I believe more effort is needed.

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