Student Blogging Challenge Week 5 Food

This is the famous pepperoni pizza

Melted, gooey cheese, thin sliced pepperoni, with the perfect golden brown crust, pizza, Americans favorite food. With unlimited amounts of topping combos, pizza has taken America by storm.

No one knows where pizza originated from, but it traveled with Italian immigrants to America.From there Gennaro Lombari opened the first pizza place in New York City. From there over 61,269 pizza joints have been opened just in the U.S.. And the most famous pizza is the pepperoni with 22% higher than the second most popular, sausage. Most Americans eat about 51,770,000 pepperonis each year and the most ordered pizzas are on Super Bowl Sunday, New Years, New Years Eve, Halloween, and the night before Thanksgiving. Pizza is 10% of all service sales. And is the 3rd most popular food in America.

So if you are craving some pizza, you are probably with hundreds of others.

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