Month: February 2016

Invade in the Everglade

A mother and a son walk into a pet store. The exhausted mom and the overly eager son buy a Burmese Python. Thinking its a tiny, cute snake, the family doesn’t know what the near future will bring them. In just a year the snake was already four feet long. The mom, being single, thought it was just too much work, so she let the snake out into the Everglades. Not knowing that the snake would be joining thousands of other snakes that were let lose in the wild. With the presence of the Burmese Pythons, the Everglades are changing quickly.

Burmese pythons, native to Southeast Asia, are rapidly growing in destruction. According to the article Burmese Python: Not the Ideal Pet, written by Matt Piven, the snakes can grow ” to an astounding length of 23 feet and a weight of up to 200 pounds.” With their great mass of size they can swallow an object five times its own head.” Burmese pythons can do so much destruction, that there is an annual hunt for them. With the hunt it can bring many people, who may not know what they’re doing.

Stated in Florida’s Python Hunt, ” With a grand prize of $1,500 awarded to the hunter who kills the most pythons, and another $1,000 to the hunter who bags the longest one.” Most people will pack up and go and try to kill the biggest or the most pythons. With more and more people coming, there will be more dangers with people and the snakes. Some people think that the pythons aren’t that big and they will be easy to kill, they have misguided feelings. Most pythons get up to about 12 ¬†feet long and 200 pounds. The pythons can also camouflage in the ground, making them see you before you see them. Having the pythons see you, can be more dangerous then anything. They can slither up on you and wrap themselves on you, suffocating the life out of you. But the pythons aren’t just killing or hurting people they are killing other animals.

Since pythons are native to Southeast Asia, they eat Southeast Asian animals. Now that they are here, they are eating other animals food. In the article, Florida’s Python Hunt, written by Andrew Ng, it states, “With no natural predators, these eating machines appear to be wiping out huge numbers of opossums, raccoons, and bobcats, as well as man bird species.” By eating other animals it is completely changing the food chain. Making ecosystem in the Everglades deteriorate. With the ecosystem starting to fail, there are much bigger problems going on.

The animals are suffering, food is being ate by the pythons. Some of their homes are getting overthrown by the pythons.They are starving to death from the pythons eating their prey. So they may have to resort to an unreasonable resolution. Some of the animals could start eating other animals, like the herbivores. If the herbivores get snagged up, the plants may not get ‘groomed’. The plants could get over populated and the risk for forest fires. Which could start a whole new problem, besides the pythons

Now that you’ve seen them bite, you know that Burmese Pythons are extremely dangerous to the Everglades.

Can the wanderers be saved?

Your climbing Mt. Everest. Your almost to the top, so close. CRACK! Now your in a crevasse, alive, but not for long. You call for help, but the rescuers can’t come because it’s to dangerous. Now your left to die. How would you feel if you were put in this senecio? Do you think people should get rescued, even though they put themselves in danger? They should have the right to rescue services when they put themselves at risk.

” The climbers who fell into the crevasse had slipped on their descent down Emmons Glacier after hiking to Mount Rainier’s 14, 411- foot summit around 1:45 p.m. Thursday. As the two women were dangling inside the crevasse at the 13, 700- foot level, one of the other climbers was able to contact rescue rangers by cell phone.” Those two women were innocent civilians, who slipped and fell into a dangerous area. All they wanted was to be rescued, but they may not have had the chance to get rescued because of the dangers in rescuing. This is a fantastic example of how the dangerous it can be to do things like this, and may not have the opportunity to be saved.

Having to be rescued is becoming a need in today’s world. Many people think they can do anything, like they are Spider man on steroids. But many people don’t realize the many dangers in mountain climbing or any other extreme sports. ” … they are not skilled enough.Nobody doubts their strength and fitness, but they may not know enough about mountaineering and the hazards of that high altitudes present…So people can get lulled into thinking that it isn’t such an ordeal.” With peoples over dramatized feelings nowadays rescuers are more important than ever.

Rescuers are supposed to rescue right? Fore say, if a teacher came into class and said ¬†‘ sorry class, I just cant teach today.’ they wouldn’t be doing what they are getting paid to do, why do rescuers get paid if they sometimes don’t even do their job? In a newspaper article, Ranger Killed During Rescue of Climbers on Mount Rainier, a rescuer got killed trying to save those two women, in the previous text. This man is an excellent example of how rescuers should be. Many other rescuers would have stopped and let them die, but he got them out like a true rescuer.

With that man dying saving the two women, many people were outraged. Some people believe that if someone puts themself in danger they shouldn’t be saved. Some will use this man as an example of a way to show people that rescuing is dangerous. But the dangers are all apart of becoming a rescuer. If you thought being a rescuer would be an easy job, you wouldn’t have to do anything, then why become a rescuer?

Now that you have seen the facts, heard the argument, and smelled the tension. You know how people are and what they want to do. With their minds covered by illusions of strength, people more than ever need rescue services by their side.