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Invade in the Everglade

A mother and a son walk into a pet store. The exhausted mom and the overly eager son buy a Burmese Python. Thinking its a tiny, cute snake, the family doesn’t know what the near future will bring them. In just a year the snake was already four feet long. The mom, being single, thought it was just too much work, so she let the snake out into the Everglades. Not knowing that the snake would be joining thousands of other snakes that were let lose in the wild. With the presence of the Burmese Pythons, the Everglades are changing quickly.

Burmese pythons, native to Southeast Asia, are rapidly growing in destruction. According to the article Burmese Python: Not the Ideal Pet, written by Matt Piven, the snakes can grow ” to an astounding length of 23 feet and a weight of up to 200 pounds.” With their great mass of size they can swallow an object five times its own head.” Burmese pythons can do so much destruction, that there is an annual hunt for them. With the hunt it can bring many people, who may not know what they’re doing.

Stated in Florida’s Python Hunt, ” With a grand prize of $1,500 awarded to the hunter who kills the most pythons, and another $1,000 to the hunter who bags the longest one.” Most people will pack up and go and try to kill the biggest or the most pythons. With more and more people coming, there will be more dangers with people and the snakes. Some people think that the pythons aren’t that big and they will be easy to kill, they have misguided feelings. Most pythons get up to about 12  feet long and 200 pounds. The pythons can also camouflage in the ground, making them see you before you see them. Having the pythons see you, can be more dangerous then anything. They can slither up on you and wrap themselves on you, suffocating the life out of you. But the pythons aren’t just killing or hurting people they are killing other animals.

Since pythons are native to Southeast Asia, they eat Southeast Asian animals. Now that they are here, they are eating other animals food. In the article, Florida’s Python Hunt, written by Andrew Ng, it states, “With no natural predators, these eating machines appear to be wiping out huge numbers of opossums, raccoons, and bobcats, as well as man bird species.” By eating other animals it is completely changing the food chain. Making ecosystem in the Everglades deteriorate. With the ecosystem starting to fail, there are much bigger problems going on.

The animals are suffering, food is being ate by the pythons. Some of their homes are getting overthrown by the pythons.They are starving to death from the pythons eating their prey. So they may have to resort to an unreasonable resolution. Some of the animals could start eating other animals, like the herbivores. If the herbivores get snagged up, the plants may not get ‘groomed’. The plants could get over populated and the risk for forest fires. Which could start a whole new problem, besides the pythons

Now that you’ve seen them bite, you know that Burmese Pythons are extremely dangerous to the Everglades.

Can the wanderers be saved?

Your climbing Mt. Everest. Your almost to the top, so close. CRACK! Now your in a crevasse, alive, but not for long. You call for help, but the rescuers can’t come because it’s to dangerous. Now your left to die. How would you feel if you were put in this senecio? Do you think people should get rescued, even though they put themselves in danger? They should have the right to rescue services when they put themselves at risk.

” The climbers who fell into the crevasse had slipped on their descent down Emmons Glacier after hiking to Mount Rainier’s 14, 411- foot summit around 1:45 p.m. Thursday. As the two women were dangling inside the crevasse at the 13, 700- foot level, one of the other climbers was able to contact rescue rangers by cell phone.” Those two women were innocent civilians, who slipped and fell into a dangerous area. All they wanted was to be rescued, but they may not have had the chance to get rescued because of the dangers in rescuing. This is a fantastic example of how the dangerous it can be to do things like this, and may not have the opportunity to be saved.

Having to be rescued is becoming a need in today’s world. Many people think they can do anything, like they are Spider man on steroids. But many people don’t realize the many dangers in mountain climbing or any other extreme sports. ” … they are not skilled enough.Nobody doubts their strength and fitness, but they may not know enough about mountaineering and the hazards of that high altitudes present…So people can get lulled into thinking that it isn’t such an ordeal.” With peoples over dramatized feelings nowadays rescuers are more important than ever.

Rescuers are supposed to rescue right? Fore say, if a teacher came into class and said  ‘ sorry class, I just cant teach today.’ they wouldn’t be doing what they are getting paid to do, why do rescuers get paid if they sometimes don’t even do their job? In a newspaper article, Ranger Killed During Rescue of Climbers on Mount Rainier, a rescuer got killed trying to save those two women, in the previous text. This man is an excellent example of how rescuers should be. Many other rescuers would have stopped and let them die, but he got them out like a true rescuer.

With that man dying saving the two women, many people were outraged. Some people believe that if someone puts themself in danger they shouldn’t be saved. Some will use this man as an example of a way to show people that rescuing is dangerous. But the dangers are all apart of becoming a rescuer. If you thought being a rescuer would be an easy job, you wouldn’t have to do anything, then why become a rescuer?

Now that you have seen the facts, heard the argument, and smelled the tension. You know how people are and what they want to do. With their minds covered by illusions of strength, people more than ever need rescue services by their side.

Hero Poem Project

MEDUSA (sonnet)

Her hair of fury,                                                                                     Her eyes of stone,                                                                            She is forever alone.                                                                          When you look into her eyes of rage,                                                She is the last thing you will engage.                                                  Mythology may overtake,                                                                  But who has lived to tell the story,                                                       Of Medusa,the woman with all the glory

I have tried many of times                                                                   But the defeat is like eating sour limes.                                           Why can I not conquer her.                                                             Now everything is just a blur.                                                                  I have to be cured by a potion,                                                               I guess she has no emotion.


ELVIS (haiku)

Elvis, King Of Rock                                                                         From Jailhouse Rock to Hound Dog                                                  He is the Rock King


Areyonna, oh, Areyonna.                                                                 Your skinny body,                                                                              And your frail feelings                                                                       You are sometimes very obnoxious,                                                 But when you make your featherbrained jokes,                                                       You always put a chesier cat grin on my face                                                                 Areyonna, oh, Areyonna

FOODMA (free verse)

Rumble, Croak, Growl                                                                      The  stomachs’ roar with hunger.                                                        All starving, nothing to eat.                                                               The Great Depression has begun.                                                     No one to help.                                                                                 Nothing feed the hungry.                                                                    Like broken twigs and the heels of the bread.                                 Then she comes.                                                                        Foodma.                                                                                              As she soars through the sky she helps tame the stomachs like lions. Shooting food out of  her hands everyone is helped.                        Not a single left to starve.                                                                Now its over.                                                                                     The depression is gone.

BEST FRIENDS (concrete)

Best friend poem


Student Blogging Challenge Week 7 Nature

This is a red-lipped batfish. It is most likely a male
This is a red-lipped batfish. It is most likely a male

You may think red lips are only for girls or Halloween, but there is one animal that has those bright red lips. The Red-Lipped Batfish is one of the most unique animals you will ever see. Not only does it have red lips, it lives under water and is apart of the Ogcocephalidae family. But they can’t swim. The only way they can get around is walking on the ocean floor. And the reason they have red lips isn’t because they are born with it its because the males use it to attract females.

Student Blogging Challenge Week 5 Food

This is the famous pepperoni pizza

Melted, gooey cheese, thin sliced pepperoni, with the perfect golden brown crust, pizza, Americans favorite food. With unlimited amounts of topping combos, pizza has taken America by storm.

No one knows where pizza originated from, but it traveled with Italian immigrants to America.From there Gennaro Lombari opened the first pizza place in New York City. From there over 61,269 pizza joints have been opened just in the U.S.. And the most famous pizza is the pepperoni with 22% higher than the second most popular, sausage. Most Americans eat about 51,770,000 pepperonis each year and the most ordered pizzas are on Super Bowl Sunday, New Years, New Years Eve, Halloween, and the night before Thanksgiving. Pizza is 10% of all service sales. And is the 3rd most popular food in America.

So if you are craving some pizza, you are probably with hundreds of others.

Limnic Eruptions

This is the fog that comes up during an eruption.
This is the fog that comes up during an eruption.
When the eruption takes place almost everything drops dead. Including some of the strongest animals.
When the eruption takes place almost everything drops dead. Including some of the strongest animals.

I could not speak. I became unconscious. I could not open my mouth because then I smelled something terrible… I heard my daughter snoring in a terrible way, very abnormal… When crossing my daughters bed… I collapsed and fell… I wanted to speak, my breath would not come out… My daughter was already dead.” Those are the words of Joseph Nkwain, who was one of the six people who survived the Limnic Eruption out of 1748 people that died. A Limnic Eruption is when a small body of water has high levels of carbon dioxide-C02- and emerges from the bottom of the lake to crate a fog, most commonly known as Death Fog. The “Death Fog” gets into your body and suffocates you to death. Scientists today still don’t know why it happens, probably because it has only happened twice. The first occurred in Lake Kivu in Rwanda, Africa. The second occurred in Lake Nyos in Cameroon, Africa on August 21st, 1986, almost exactly two years after the first eruption. You would never expect this to happen in Cameroon, but 400 years ago it had a volcano that left craters. Over the years the craters filled up with water and made Lake Nyos. With it being a volcano, it had high levels of carbon dioxide which slowly leaked out until it all emerged out at once. That’s why this topic excites me. But it had many long term and short term effects.
The long-term effects of Limnic eruptions are the impact on the community. There were 1800 people who died and six who survived, those six had to live with the death of their family and friends until they died. Which brings me to my next effect, damage. The people who survived had many blisters on them for many weeks. The blisters or burns could have lead to scars or future health issues. The final effect is the farming. Cameroon is one of the highest producers of coco beans, the levels of carbon diocide helped the plants grow at first, until the explosion. Once the lake exploded the crops died out and no one has farmed there since.

These are the pipes that help control the leakage of the gasses.
These are the pipes that help control the leakage of the gasses.

The short-term effects of a Limnic eruption start out with the gasses. The gasses were originaly at CO2 23-29, but for a few hours it had 5 gallons of carbon dioxide more than usual come out. After a few days it went back down. The next short-term effect was the construction. The government put pipes under the water to let the gases come out slower than all at once. Finally the financial. Since all of the agriculture and live stock died everyone around had no food, so they had to travel to other villages to get food.
How would everything get done if everyone died? At first nothing got done. Everyone thought that everyone and everything had died. But two days later the levels of gas went up again. So the government evacuated all of the survivors to new homes until it was safe to live there again. To make it safe to live in again, the government added in pipes to let the gasses out slower. Could have more people survived if the officials had taken notice into the levels of carbon dioxide?
If the government had taken notice in the levels, the city would of had a plan. But they didn’t. If they did they could of had gas masks with them at all times. Also, the community could have got their water checked after the first limnic eruption to ensure safety over their village. Even with those plans I believe there will be another eruption. Due to my research, I have found that there are higher levels of carbon dioxide then ever.You can’t really prepare for a Limnic Eruption unless you have a gas mask by you at all times. If you don’t then your as good as dead.
Limnic Eruption are not commonly known, but they are very deadly. The kill thousands and can almost never be prevented. If you live by a lake with high levels of carbon dioxide and you fell dizzy or there is smoke, get away as fast as you can. If you want to learn more you can visit

The Revenge

                                     The Revenge

Knickerbocker: (holding the crumpled wool hat) Others suspected that perhaps Brom Bones knew much more of this matter than he chose to tell.
Narrator: As time went on, this once true story became a legend. Some people guess on what really happened to Ichabod. No one will really know what happened, until now. That faithful night in Sleepy Hollow, when Ichabod was said to be killed, he really was set afloat the river, was awoken by jewels and riches, mastered sorcery, and befriended the real Headless Horseman. Together Ichabod and the Headless Horsemen seek revenge on the imposter and Sleepy Hollow.
Ichabod: We must wait ’till the witching hour to go out. (Mumbling) Finlly after 10 years I will get my revenge.
Narrator: As the two rode upon their horses that night, Ichabod saw Katrina, Brom and their two year twins, Edwin and Victor, playing together in their hut. Ichabod quickly wiped away the tears streaming down his face.
Ichabod: Now you stay here, I’ll show up at the hut, tell Katrina I’m alive and you’re coming. Then I’ll yell your name, horridly. You’ll come, burn down the town and we will leave with Katrina and the twins. Ready? Ok.
Narrator: Ichabod strolled up to the hut and knocked on the door.
Brom: I’ll get it sweetheart, put Edwin and Victor to bed. (opens door) Hel-I-Ichabod! I thought Katrina and I killed you years ago, I-I mean the Headless Horseman.
Brom:Oh don’t act so stupid. Her choosing you as her voice teacher, for heavens sake man you can’t even sing. Then when you asked her to dance, we knew we had you wrapped around our finger. So when you headed off that night to the Old Church Bridge, I quickly changed into my costume and took a shortcut. When I threw my flaming pumpkin at you,I knew,oh I knew I would never see you again.
Ichabod: But why? Why did Katrina want me gone?
Brom: Remember that young maiden you were engaged to many years ago? That was Katrina’s sister, Elizebeth. Now she wants revenge.
Ichabod: So you decided to murder me?!
Brom: Well, you did hurt Elizabeth, so we wanted to hurt you. Anyway, what are you doing here?                                                     Ichabod: What? Oh, right.(screaming at the top of his lungs) OH MY HEAVENS! IT’S THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN!

Brom: What?! Katrina grab the kids, we have to go. NOW!
Katrina: Why? I just got the… H-H-HEADLESS HORSEMAN!
(Katrina grabs the kids and starts running)
Ichabod: Katrina, I don’t think you’ll get to far carrying the kids. Here let me take them and I’ll follow behind.
Katrina: Ichabod, what are you doing here?
Ichabod: Long story, but we have no time. We have to go now.
Katrina: O-ok (hands the kids to Ichabod)
Ichabod: Thanks. (Gets on horse on starts going away)
Katrina: What! BROM! HELP! HELP!
Narrator: Katrina yelled but nobody came. So she ran after Ichabod herself, but she was to slow. Ichabod was on his horse and Katrina was in her night gown and bare feet.
Katrina: (thinking) Where are my babies? Where am I? (Speaking) Brom. Brom?
Narrator: While Katrina was lost in the woods going mad, Ichabod was raising Edwin and Victor. Ichabod eventually met Lydia. They got married and had another child, Susanna. Together all of them lived in a hut deep in the forest. As for Brom he spent the rest of his days searching for Katrina, but he eventually starved himself. And Katrina, well she went completely insane. But on October sixth that all changed.
Katrina: (thinking) Ha. Ha. Edwin… Victor… Brom. Ha. Ha. Ha. (speaking) Who are you? (Says to Edwin, who is now 14 years old)                                                                                                              Edwin: I’m Edwin.                                                                                         Katrina: Edwin?!                                                                                                                 (Ichabod walks outside)


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